About Our Team

My name is Dan Brault. I was born and raised in Rochester, NY. I’m a father of two, a coach, and local business owner.
Since 2016, I’ve been working with homeowners who want a better way to sell their properties. When you work with ibuy585.com, there’s no fees, no commissions, no banks, and no repairs. We’ll buy your house whether it’s a total fixer-upper, or in perfect condition. We provide free, no obligation offers, and work with you to provide the best guidance we can, whether we buy your house or not.
Not everyone wants to (or is able to) go through the standard process of selling a house:
  • finding a professional and honest realtor
  • cleaning up the house
  • putting in time and money to make repairs and updates
  • staging for photos
  • clearing out for numerous showings and open-houses
  • going through bank appraisals
  • inspections
  • back and forth negotiations
All without even knowing what number you’ll get. And then having to work on the buyer’s timeline.
For those who have the time, money, and desire to go through all of that, they absolutely should, but for many, it’s just not a reasonable option.
We work with those that are looking for a better option for their situation. Whether you:
  • Have a house that needs work, but don’t want to or can’t afford to fix it up
  • Have a specific need that a realtor can’t meet, or
  • Just want to sell, but don’t want all the hassles
At ibuy585.com, we give people a better option. Sell your house the easy way with ibuy585.com

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